Welcome to B&G Consultants LTD


Our Mission

To provide individuals with aspiration and tools that will promote transformed character, a productive attitude, relevant skills, and competency so that they can attain their full potential. We achieve this mission through training, coaching, and mentoring, hence, maximize their personal and professional potential.


Our Vision

To enable everyone to discover and realize their purpose and full potential, and hence, make a significant impact in the world.


Our Core Values

  • Honoring God Above All

This value is our foundation for a dynamic, victorious, impactful, and transformed living.

  • Integrity

We embody what it means to walk the talk and talk the walk with a crystal “see-me-though” approach to everything.

  • Excellence

We don’t strive for excellence. Instead, we’re anchored and thrive in it as fish thrives in water.

  • Learning Spirit

We believe in continuous learning as a key to taking on new challenges growth.

  • Fruitfulness

Our focus on desired results empowers our fruitfulness.

About Us

It’s unfortunate that millions of people are ignorant of their true identity, potential, and the tools and talents God gave them to:

  • Express their identity;
  • Fulfill their life’s purpose;
  • Optimize their potential; and
  • Sharpen their talents and gift for optimal productivity

Consequently, they die with untapped potential. Why? Because they don’t understand their personal and professional purpose as well as potential. Sadly, they end their lives scratching dirt like chickens instead of soaring high and scaling the heights like eagles. Remember, David McNally stated this in “The Eagle’s Secret” article: “All eagles were born to soar. It is why we were created. Our power, however comes not from what we can see; it is in the unseen. It is the wind, not our wings, that lifts us to the high places. It is our vision, not our eyes, that make us rulers of the skies. But, above all these, it is our spirit, not our speed that leads us to be strong and free.”

B&G Consultants Limited draws inspiration from these invaluable and immortal words McNally spoke. Therefore, it strives to inspire all its client initiates, ignite and identify their true potential, and unleash that potential to its greatest heights of impact.